Temporal Magic

Recently a new school of magic was invented. By fusing the powers of Abjuration and Evocation and carefully tuning the spells were able to tap into the Temporal school.

This fledgling school after only a week or so was violently attacked by an unknown faction, presumably in an effort to gain power. The entire guild was razed to the ground and there were no surviving temporal mages.

Detect Time
School: Temporal
Level: Sor/Wiz 0
Casting Time: 1 Std Action
Component: V,S
Range: 60 ft
Saving throw: None
Spell Resistance: no

You are aware of time and temporal shifts. The longer you concentrate the more you learn.

1st Round: You know the precise time of day it is that you are experiencing and what time it is within the spells range (in case it differs).

2nd Round. You can see the passage of time. You know the rate of time change in your location (fast, slow, normal). You can accurately measure the amount of time that has passed since you last cast Detect Time regardless of any disorientation.

3rd Round: You are aware of recent temporal shifts in the spells area. Objects / places / people that were changed in a recent time shift are revealed and distinct, the more drastic the change to that object, the more obvious they appear.

School: Temporal
Level: Sor/Wiz 1
Casting Time: 1 Std Action
Component, V, S
Range: Self
Duration: 1 Round

After the completion of the spell your timeline is temporarily fixed. During the upcoming round you may observe and interact normally. At the end of the round (immediately before your next action) you may choose to make a different action that will instead occur during the previous time when you cast Rewind, making that action occur instead of casting Rewind (although the spell is still lost). Previous rolls or effects are not re-rolled. Events in the previous round may change as a result and players may make minor adjustments to their actions.

Example: It is round 5 and Tensor chooses to cast rewind. The two Orc warriors decide to charge at him and swing wildly, missing with both strikes by a wide margin. Now, before the beginning of round 6, Tensor chooses to instead of casting rewind previously to cast Fly, knowing that the Orcs will miss on their attack he chooses not to cast defensively. The timeline shifts and the events are instead as follows: Tensor looses Rewind and begins to cast Fly, the Orcs charge and miss, the spell completes. At the beginning of round 6 Tensor chooses the Withdraw action straight up 30 feet away from the Orcs.

Temporal Magic

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