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Shimmering History

The Sundering

It happened just the other night, or so I remember. Temporal magic was first invented, here in my city. Those first mages sought to understand not just how time flows, but why, and from what fountain. However, in a flash they were destroyed. Obliterated. Every last trace of that guild was razed to the ground and snuffed out in one frightful evening.

And then, the next day, stranger things began to happen. Entire families disappeared. New families I’ve never met before appeared in their place. An entire city vanished. No one knew about it. It was as if they had never existed. Perhaps that was the plan. However I know they had existed. I remember, even if no one else does. Entire buildings warping and twisting into new ones, families and villages removed, and others created that did not exist. I must find the key.

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