Character Creation rules

Following are the rules for creating a new character in Shimmering History campaign.

Story Info

As an interesting spin, I’ve decided to intentionally make the party around a central hero. Please pick one or more of the following roles when you make your character, but only one hero!

  • A Main Hero
    • (chosen, like it or not, you gatta do it : Frodo)
  • The Moral Center
    • (shares wisdom openly, guides the hero in key choices, often has some previous valuable knowledge about the quest: Samwise / Gandalf)
  • The Combat Guy
    • (Keeps the hero alive in sticky situations, provides either key combat capabilities, tactical advantages, or through command of an army/group: Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli)
  • The Comic Relief
    • (Keeps it more light hearted. Provides unique abilities that prove quite useful, perhaps has unique skills through non-combat means: Pippin/Gollum/Samwise/Gimli or )
  • The Enigmatic
    • (Motivations are unclear, but is helping the hero anyway. Background is shady and myseterious, has unique quest-related knowledge: Gandalf/Gollum/Aragorn)

Game Info

Ruleset being used: Pathfinder

For this campaign, Patherfinder (3.75) D&D rules will be used.

Starting Level: 3

Consider your starting character to have been around the immediate area with enough experience under his/her belt to be able to show others a thing or two, and easily above most commoners.

Base Stats: Point Buy System of Epic Fantasy or roll 4d6 dropping the lowest roll.

You’re encouraged to use the standard point-buy system outlined below spending no more than 25 points to generate 6 scores. If you’re more of a purist, you can roll 4d6 dropping the lowest die and summing up the total 6 times to get 6 stats that can be placed in any stat. However, know that it is statistically to your benefit to instead use a point-buy system.

7 – (-4)
8 – (-2)
9 – (-1)
10 – 0
11 – 1
12 – 2
13 – 3
14 – 5
15 – 7
16 – 10
17 – 13
18 – 17

Starting Gold

All characters will start with 1700gp and a single magic item with a market price of 2000g (equivalent to a +1 magic item). Magic items must be approved.

House Rule: Starting characters must be Standard Races and Classes

This would be standard races and classes from the Core Handbook. You are welcome to cross-class. Once your character is created, you may take prestige classes from most any source-book (with approval of course) as well as cross-class into non-standard classes. Summoner class is out, so don’t ask.
If your character is killed and you must re-roll, you have an option to use a non-standard race if it applies better to the setting at hand.

Bonus experience: Write a backstory

Give your character a backstory that explains your origin and current motivation and you’ll find yourself the proud owner of 1000 bonus experience points. You have until your 2nd gaming session to have a good backstory to earn these points. More detail the better!

Character Creation rules

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