Shimmering History

Chronicles of Wilhelm (date TBD)

Today, my application into the guild was resolved. The guild no longer exists. I awoke to find the guild in ruins. Not sure how I slept through its destruction just down the road. The ruins lay in a series of craters. No doubt, a magical stone rain was cast with the guild as its target. Many of the structures were unstable. All was not lost, however. With the help of a monk who called himself Tenzin, we were able to retrieve some of the guild’s library of tomes.

Treatise on The Truth of Magic
Practical Magic (note: a common book, all casters study it, but this book was unique. more later.)
Arcane Fusion
The Travels of Tenser
Viewing the Universe Outside the Nutshell
2 Scrolls of temporal magic

A series of strange events stopped me from studying the materials found. Books in hand, I approached Tenzin and his dwarven colleague, Keelig Stonehammer. A stranger came to their aid as well. I think her name was Rowan Gray. They were pulling people from the rubble. Those under the wreck were not the same mages I remembered inhabiting the guild. Were they even mages at all? Sadly, there were only a few survivors.

I attempted to return the books to my room FOR SAFE KEEPING. When, behold! In the street, a mage from the guild! He wore the traditional blue robe. But, all was not as it seemed…

He turned to attack me! I ran to protect the books while Rowan Gray let loose her fury by way of bow and arrow. The monk then literally flew into action and grappled the mage to the ground…

I attempted to return the books to my room FOR SAFE KEEPING. When, behold! The dwarf and ranger tended to the wounded in the middle of the street! I approached to help. The monk surprised us all, sneaky monk. He fell right on top of Keelig Stonehammer and dented his armor. Tenzin pointed up and said “Attack him! He’s up there!” I looked to the top of the building…

I attempted to return the books to my room FOR SAFE KEEPING. When, behold! Tenzin raised the staff he originally pointed at me. I turned around to see Rowan Gray taking aim at a guild mage with her bow and arrow. The mage revealed himself as Hasbro, a temporal mage set on destroying the other schools of magic!

We made quick work of the mage. But, now I am left with more questions than answers. My book of Practical Magic does not match the one found at the guild ruins. The school of Enchantment was scantly mentioned in the guild’s book. Why destroy the other schools? Tenzin’s staff seems to stop the temporal magic somehow. How did he acquire it? How does he know more about the temporal mages than I do? The dwarf seems to have a strange talent. Maybe all this talk of time-shifting has me befuddled, but I swear I saw him mold stone while he was rescuing those in the ruined guild. And the ranger clearly did not like Hasbro. She was intent on ending him fast. Would she be out to off me if she found out I was looking to apprentice at the guild?

Hmmm… I’m the aspiring chronicler… and I have no idea what fey is going on.


Safe Keeping. I think this nickname fits you, bard. – Rowan

Chronicles of Wilhelm (date TBD)
Maddox paladinlee

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