Shimmering History

Chronicles of Wilhelm, 7th Desnus, 511 S.A. (I think)

I had waited patiently for the scouting party to return. They were to locate the orc camp and give us a rough idea of which direction they might assault the town of Imam. I chose instead to sit in this room with the Baron. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he is a nice guy once you get to know him. He met my attempts at conversation with short, military-like answers. All I’m trying to do is kill time.

Ahhh, time… there’s that word again… I am still trying to understand the concept of “different timelines” and “anchoring” and “rewind”. Why would someone want to wind something over again? My head hurt as I attempted to explain the situation to Ed, the fighter. The best I could come up with is “Trust me. I’m from the future.” But, I digress.

Ed returned with the scouting party and explained the orcs will come from the east or northeast. They are being led by a wizard in a blue robe. The robe indicated he might be one of the temporal mages bent on the destruction of Imam. We decided to bolster our fortifications and camp out over night. We also sent another scout group to seek high ground and alert us of the orc’s march. Ed and I followed the scout group and hid at a nice location which could see well off to the north as well as the south.

Hours later, the orcs came. We remained hidden as they marched by. From our vantage point, Ed and I could tell Imam was well defended. Before long, the fortifications beat back the Orcs.

I closed my eyes to blink. I swear that is all I did was blink. When my eyes opened again, at that split moment, I find myself with the baron again. Ed entered the room, clueless that we were at battle just the night before (or soon to be, depending on your perspective). “Trust me. I’m from the future!” I led Ed to Tenzin who had the temporal staff. We needed to “fix” is timeline with the staff. Barely understanding temporal magic myself, I asked Tenzin to make the staff do that thing so Ed gets anchored. We argued about the semantic differences between “anchored” and “fixed” but the end result was the same. The next time the temporal mage rewinds time, Ed and I will remember what happened.

We scout again. We hid again. We should win again. The orcs came, but this time from a different direction. We remained hidden as they marched on. From our vantage point, Ed and I could tell Imam is not fairing so well. Before long, the fortifications might fall to the orcs. Another difference this time around, within the ranks, the temporal mage stood proudly “enlarging” the orcs. Ed shot an arrow and struck the mage squarely, then rushed in to attack! I stood panicked for a bit, but then realized I have spells! I began to fling magic darts at the mage. If we can finish him off, the orcs wouldn’t stand a chance.

Ed and the temporal mage exchanged blows. My darts became more and more of a nuisance. Soon, the mage looked bloodied. Ed was getting assaulted on all fronts by the orcs who defended the temporal mage. It was not looking pretty. Then, I noticed the temporal mage reach for an amulet, the same amulet pictured in my history book! The amulet is key to our victory, I am sure of it. Trust me. I’m from the future!

But, before Ed could kill or be killed, the mage opened the amulet and moved some parts inside. I blinked. I found myself with with baron again. Except, all was not the same. Both Ed and I were winded and severely wounded. This latest “rewind” event caused us quite a bit of fatigue. That shouldn’t be…

Hmmmm…. The temporal mage adjusted the battle plan according to our previous encounter. He remembered what happened before the rewind and changed tactics. I was also hoping the temporal mage would be as wounded and exhausted as we were with this last rewind. We decided to try an assassination. Surely the temporal mage will try a different tact with the orc army again, unexpectedly. If we can get that amulet before the orcs strike and before the mage enables it again…

We didn’t have much to go on and figured we should head back to the orc encampment. Luckily, some clues to the temporal mage met us in the form of assassins! Somehow, we got the jump on them instead of them on us. With my dashing charisma and tip of my hat, I was able to charm one of the assassins. With the assassin’s aid, we dispursed the rest of the their kill party. We kept the charmed enemy shackled for further questioning.


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