Shimmering History

Chronicles of Wilhelm, 4th Desnus, 589 S.A.

Keelig and I spent a morning pouring over the books we recovered from the Temporal Mage Guild. I was also able to cipher one of the scrolls we found, acquiring the temporal spell of Rewind. I can already think of four uses for that spell. I cannot wait to try it out.

Keelig grabbed my attention. He found an entry of interest in one of the books. The article described the city of Imam as of 511 SA. Keelig had never heard of the location. I knew of the town, but had never visited it myself. It is (was?) a trading town and was also know for stave crafting for, you know, supplemental income. I hope one day to wield a staff. I’d look all-powerful and awe-inspiring…and old… On second thought, the look of a dusty old mage could wait a few years…

But, I digress. The entry described a grand assault on Imam by a tribe of Orcs. The town was almost obliterated when, wait, what’s this? …was almost obliterated when Tenzin, Wilhelm, Rowan, and Keelig arrived in 511 SA and saved the city! Inserted at the end of the article was a drawing of us. In the image, Tenzin was displaying a pocket watch! A gnome would had exploded in glee had it been there! Below the image: a caption. “In gratitude, the City of Imam bestowed on the party of adventurers (pictured left to right: Wilhelm, Tenzin, Keelig, Rowan) a watch.”

511 SA… Great scott! The time is now 589 SA! What wizardry is this?

I reached for my Book of Practical Magic, which was laying out strewn among the other books open for study, bit I couldn’t find it… MY book… MY BOOK… Where’s my book!?

I ran to Keelig in a panic. He accidentally elbowed me in the gut as I approached. At least, I think it was an accident. He was deep in conversation with one of the cityfolk of Dirac. We stood in a historical tomb and Keelig would be remiss if he did not know every facet of its creation.

Frustrated, I cast Message towards my other colleagues, Rowan and Tenzin, who were nowhere to be found.

“Where’s my book?” I whisper in the minds of Rowan and Tenzin.

In a hushed whisper, Tenzin responded “I don’t know how to respond…”

I’ll have to teach him that trick some day.

No response from Rowan. If there is anybody I do not understand in this group, it would be her. Her motivations are far from clear.

A glint caught my eye over at my book stash on the other side of the room. I rushed back over there and scan my surroundings. I then began to count my books as I stuffed them back into my Handy Haversack. My mood certainly soured as I lamented the disappearance of my Book of Practical Magic.

As I mumbled unpleasentries to myself, I glanced back at Keelig. Behind him was an open window with a person dangling upside down, arm outreached into Keelig’s stack of historical tomes. The lady snatched a book, looked up and caught my eye. She smiled and winked and then disappeared outside again. Rowan…

As I was too busy seething and didn’t catch the how and why, but Tenzin returned from the depths of the tomb with newly resurrected ######. I think Tenzin said ##### was fixed?

Rowan appeared and returned my book. Next time she would be wise to use my book loan system. It is not too difficult to trade one of my cards to borrow a book for a predetermined short amount of minuscule time as predetermined and determined and thusly so by Wilhelm, illustrious caster and future chronicler of the world!

No time to argue. ##### gave us information regarding Imam, and so we prepared to set off. Tenzin, Keelig and I debated what could have happened in Imam, past and present. We then theorized about time travel, disrupting the flow of magic, the jumping of planes and remembering to carry the ones.

Before we went, I approached Keelig with my reservations of Rowan. That was when Tenzin reminded us we only had two horses. While I am accustomed to walking miles, I could not keep the pace of a steed. And look who showed up with two horses… Rowan.


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