Shimmering History

Beginnings and Endings

Tenzin, having set out to seek balance and inner peace, had an interesting encounter with a strange blue-cloaked mage. He claimed to be a Temporal mage, who having grown tired of hunting mages for years has decided to cease his running and await his fate. He gave his staff to Tenzin and cast upon him a Temporal Anchor spell, whose effects were not quite clear. After which he returned to meditation by the frozen lake.

Tenzin, contemplating all that the mage had told him set out to Dirac where this wizard mentioned it had all began. Following a company of Dwarves southward the company shrank in size from 30 to 8 by the end of the trip.

In Dirac, encountering the smoldering ruins of the mage’s guild some quick work rescued a few of the survivors with help from Wilhelm, Keelig, and Rowin. At the end of the rescue they encountered Hasbro killing the survivors. After an interesting temporal fight Tenzin realized the key to stopping the mage’s power was the staff given to him. Acting quickly to Anchor his new found compatriots Hasbro’s efforts were frustrated and he was finally brought down by arrow and force bolts.

When sifting through the ruins of the mage’s guild, an interesting book titled “Practical Magic” seemed to be at odds with history. After some research and with their newfound memories of their true timelines the party quickly discovered the temporal mage’s schemes.


Maddox Maddox

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